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How Dr. Pierre Sets Trends In The Beauty Industry With Several Revolutionary Concepts and Products for Adult Acne


1979 1st to organise a wide-scale Beauty Congress & conducting Professional Beauty Treatment Courses to churn out Professional Aestheticiennes, in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

1981 1st to organise a wide-scale Aesthetics Acupuncture Congress and conducting Aesthetics Acupuncture Courses for Professional Aestheticiennes.

1983 We have made the following achievements in this year :

- 1st to Research, Develop and Manufacture a wide range of Herbal Cosmeceuticals Skin Care & Treatment Products for skin flaws such as Seborrhoea, Pigmentation, Acne etc..., when every other company was still importing and marketing products without a clear understanding on their suitability.
- 1st to Develop and Manufacture Eye Gel and Face Gel long before they became popular now.
- 1st to Develop and Manufacture Facial Scrubs (V2 Black Head Remover) using smooth spherical POE soft beads in mild oil-in-water emulsion base that's gentle to Acne, instead of using the conventional coarse pumice sand or almond husk grains in harsh strong soap base that's awfully harmful against all forms of Acne - teenage acne, adult acne, acne vulgaris, acne conglobata etc. (See pictures below)

 Rough Grains That'll Harm Acne Vulgaris


 Spherical Beads that'll help Adult Acne Vulgaris

Rough-edged grains in conventional scrubs which work by sand-papering your skin, leaving it coarse and ruptured! Due to its rough-edged grains and soap base content, it's unsuitable for use as Acne Cleanser


Soft smooth non-abrasive spherical beads in Dr. Pierre Ginseng Purifying Scrub which act as transport to carry the unique emulsion base into deeper uneven skin grooves and hair pores, to gently dissolve clogged debris. Great as an Acne Cleanser too!

- 1st to Develop and Manufacture a range of Professional Tailor-make Active Massage Creams and Active Masks using Active Fluids made from natural ingredients for treating skin problems. This 5-product range consists of herbs like Rose Oil, Grape Fruit Seed, Hop, Calendula, Tea Tree Oil. This allows an Aesthetician to prepare a freshly blended massage cream or mask with the flexibility of adjusting the strength of each ingredient.

- 1st to Develop and Manufacture Anti-UV Day Creams, Foundations and Lotions for daily use even on skin with Acne, when other companies still believed that Anti-UV action is only for sunscreen products for beach applications.

1984 1st to introduce and conduct Courses for Professional and Character Makeup for stage, TV and movies. In a national makeup contest, all four of our students who participated came in 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th positions respectively.

- 1st to Develop and Manufacture the talk-of-the-town Wondergel, the first safe, convenient and painless Blackheads Remover cum Acne Cleanser for both teenage and adult acne (now known as Exfoliating Gel), which has attracted the attention of more than ten Malaysian and Singapore medias including one popular French Beauty Magazine to write more than 30 articles concerning Pierre Chenxu Wondergel.
- 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products, starting with Blackheads Remover and products to help stay Acne Free, to the USA, Europe, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia

1993 & 1995 Awarded International Europe Award for Quality.

Blackheads Remover Winning Trophies

1997 Awarded the International Award for Best Trade Name.

2000 Awarded the highly acclaimed Commercial Prestige Award.

2006 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products to the Middle East.

2008 1st to export Singapore-made quality herbal skin care products including products for Acne Vulgaris, teenage acne, adult acne, and products to stay acne free, to India, and co-branding with Asia's largest hospital management group who builds hospitals and universities to train dermatologists.

2010 1st to Develop and Manufacture a wide range of Uniqe Professional Tailor-make Active Massage Creams and Active Masks using Nine Active Fluids made from herbal extracts for treating varied skin problems covering blackheads, pigmentation, wrinkles, acne, acne scars and more. Theoretically, this system allows an Aesthetician to blend at the moment of need unlimited combinations to treat almost any blemish - with varied viscosity and treatment strengths.