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Blackheads Remover & Treatment for Acne

Learn How to Clear Blackheads & Acne Painlessly!

Dr. Pierre Blackheads Remover vs. other Blackheads Remover

Benefits of using Dr. Pierre's unique Blackheads Remover

The Days Before Dr. Pierre

Before Dr. Pierre, you've never heard of blackheads remover and treatment for acne products. Every other skin care manufacturers and brand owners simply make and sell the usual line of skin care products (like cleansers, acne soap cleanser, toners, day creams, night creams, masks) out of Free standard formulas obtained from their raw materials vendors. Nothing was uniquely made to address the problems of ugly blackhead manifestations on everyone's skin. Facial cleansers that are used twice daily not only DO NOT cleanse effectively, they even leave heavy wax deposits to clog the pores. Treatment for Acne is only by anti-biotics.

Negative Effect of Soap Cleansers and Anti-biotics

Some manufacturers believe that blackheads can be removed with foamy (soap) cleansers, but what Dr. Pierre discovered is, soap cleansers even made blackheads more stubborn. Acne Cleanser available are just soaps containing anti-biotics ingredients which render black head removal more difficult. Treatment for acne using anti-biotics (oral or topical) would only cause the Acne Bacterial genes to mutate and become immune to anti-biotics!

Choose Dr. Pierre OR Painful Squeezing!

Thus, without Dr. Pierre's Blackheads Remover the only way to rid your blackheads was to endure those painful squeezing and suction torture sessions at salons, leaving permanent red inflammed bumps and scarring. It's still in practice today by most salons. Treatment for acne today still relies heavily on prescribed anti-biotics by dermatologists despite the established and known risks.

With Dr. Pierre's Blackheads Remover, black head removal to achieve a Clean Clear Clogged-free Radiant Baby-soft complexion is a breeze, and with No Squeezing, No Pain, No Tears, No Swelling and No Scarring within 7 minutes!

It serves as an exdellent deep cleansing treatment for acne too!


Why Dr. Pierre managed to develop Wondergel while others couldn't


Dr. Pierre started his research on his unique blackheads remover by first analysing how backheads are formed.

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Blackheads Conditions

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   Acne Conditions

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Unique formula to dissolve blackheads 

Having understood the formation of blackheads and how waxes in creams are contributing to blackheads, Dr. Pierre developed the world's first blackheads remover without any wax content.

Dr. Pierre's blackheads remover was an instant success.

91S ClearPore Serum Blackheads Remover cum Acne Cleanser

Dr. Pierre Wondergel Blackheads Remover is now known as #17 Ginseng Exfoliating Gel. Dr. Pierre now has another new Blackheads Remover called #91S ClearPore Serum. While Ginseng Exfoliating Gel works great for exfoliating dead cells, the new Blackheads Remover (#91S ClearPore Serum) works better for deeply embedded stubborn blackheads and as a great treatment for acne deep cleanser too. When both the Ginseng Exfoliating Gel and ClearPore Serum Blackheads Remover are used on alternate evenings, result is just amazing!