Frequently Asked Questions & Answers Relating To Dr. Pierre Blackheads Remover, Treatment for Acne etc. 


Where are DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover made?
All DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover as well as all others are researched, developed, and manufactured exclusively in Dr Pierre's laboratories in Singapore.

Are DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover herbal-based? 

Yes, they are.

Are DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover for male and female skin? 

Yes. They work great for both men and women. 

What's the difference between DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover and those of other makes? 

Every manufacturer can make any product, but only DR. PIERRE can make this revolutionary Blackheads Remover that deep cleanses so easily, so effectively, so efficaciously and the list can go on. But you be the judge. It's best that way. Use it yourself and you'll join the happy tens of thousands to acknowledge the unique efficacies of DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover which are great also for the treatment of acne.

What if I'm not happy with your Blackheads Remover ?


Refund will either be by Check or by crediting back to your PayPal account. You'll be duly notified by email once credit is effected.


Can I use DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover everyday?

Yes, but you don't have to. Three times weekly will be sufficient to maintain a clean, clear, supple, silky radiant complexion. The same goes with using it for treatment of acne. Refer to usage directions printed on back of packaging.

Must I use another cleanser before or after using DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover?

It depends. If you're a first time user and your complexion is heavily infested with huge stubborn blackheads or acne like the images below then, for speedy optimum results, we would recommend a short-term routine that alternates among our 3 versions of Blackheads Remover, each working in a different way in removing blackheads and treatment of acne, surface dead cells and grime and dirt.


Bef3 Blackheads Remover   AcnePustules Bef Treatment of Acne

Can I leave DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover on my face for a couple of hours or overnight for enhanced exfoliation/cleansing effect?

No, NEVER! Use as per usage directions printed on back of packagaing.

Do DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover work with abrasive action? 

No, absolutely not. The unique formula works by gently dissolving waxes, dead cells, and debris in the pores. That's why it's great also for treatment of acne.


Where else can I buy DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover? 

Right now, they're only available through online ordering. Singapore residents can purchase at our showroom/Clinic at 50 East Coast Rd., #02-126 Roxy Sq II.


Can I be a distributor/stockist?

Please email dpherbal@gmail.com to discuss.


Are DR. PIERRE Blackheads Remover safe? 

It has been in the market since 1990. Hundreds of thousands have used it and its quality and efficacies have been widely endorsed by consumers at large. Moreover, we have obtained a Scientific Certificate of Analysis and Free Sale Certificate from our Health Authorities. 

Does DR. PIERRE HERBAL COSMECEUTICALS manufacture other products? 

Yes, Blackheads Remover is only one among our many unique herbal products. We manufacture also a wide range of herbal products for treatment of acne, cleansers, toners, active masks, tailor-make massage creams, active toners, anti-UV day creams, active night creams, special treatment range and even a professional salon treatment range. In fact, we are trend-setters in the beauty industry at large.