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What Are They & Are They Really Reliable Quality Assurance?



The question on every consumer’s mind: are independent lab studies or animal testing on skincare and acne cure products really good quality assurance, especially products with therapeutic claims for acne treatment?


Independent Lab Studies

Basically, anyone manufacturing or selling drugs or skincare products can have the test results in their favour as long as they are willing to pay.


We do not believe in having our products tested in other's laboratories and neither should you.


Dr. Pierre's Acne Cures Products Lab

Dr. Pierre's In-house Lab



Are feedback by paid testers more reliable than life testimonials from paying end-users?


The >95% of actual customer satisfaction rate (majority of whom are users of our Acne treatment and Acne Cure products) is a clear indication that we don't need such lab tests.


For your information, when they do the toxication test (e.g. what happens when the product comes into contact with the eyes), most, if not all, of these tests are done on lab rats / rabbits and other animals - an act we strongly condemn.


Single Blind Testing / Double Blind Testing


Single blind testing is a testing procedure whereby the subject(s) which the product(s) is/are tested on are not told what brand / whose products they are testing, but the tester (the persons(s) in charge of administering the tests) do know.


Double blind means that the testers themselves do not know what brand / whose product(s) is/are tested. The persons(s) in charge of administering the tests also do not know.


The purpose of such "blind" tests is so that all prejudice against a brand / type or kind of product(s) is supposed to be eliminated. However, there is no way prejudice can be eliminated through such a test.


A lab conducting a single blind / double blind test would first need to recruit fee-paying "volunteers" who are paid a sum of money to test the acne treatment or acne cure products, or any others. The only thing they would not know is what brand / whose products. Knowing that they are being paid to offer their comment afterwards, the prejudice and the bias opinion cannot be eliminated.


By human nature, if someone was paid to do something, he/she may try to balance out by highlighting some positive points even if he/she hated the products.


There could also be "volunteers" who would just bring the tester acne cure products home but never try them, fearing a negative effect that may permanently damage their skin, needing further acne treatment and acne cures. But they would still provide a positive feedback so that they will be offered the same job again in future.


Placebo drugs (drugs or medicine that serves no purpose at all) have been given to patients without their knowledge yet, when asked, as high as 30% to 50% would say they felt better and that their conditions have improved markedly.


What more if they are paid to give feedback?


From the above points highlighted, which is more reliable and believable? Claims based purely on short-term (a few weeks to a few months) test results from paid "volunteers" OR positive feedback from real-life consumers since the last 3 decades?


Animal Testing

Our Products have not and will not be tested on animals. Our immediate raw material suppliers have also declared that they do not as well. We believe there is NO need for that. Afterall, the animals aren't the ones using our acne cure and acne treatment products, are they?